Worcester City Council has decided on the chairs and vice-chairs of its various committees for the coming year.

The Green Party had wanted to continue chairing the Environment committee but in the end had to make do with a vice-chair role.

Here’s the full list, as agreed on by councillors at Tuesday’s full city council meeting:

Policy & Resources Committee

Chair: Lynn Denham (Labour)

Vice-chair: Louis Stephen (Green) & Jessie Jagger (Lib Dem)

Communities Committee

Chair: Jabbar Riaz (Labour)

Vice-chair: Jill Desayrah (Labour)

Environment Committee

Chair: Zoe Cookson (Labour)

Vice-chair: Karen Lewing (Green)

Health & Wellbeing Committee

Chair: Elena Round (Green)

Vice-chair: Elaine Willmore (Labour)

Place and Economic Development Committee

Chair: Robyn Norfolk (Labour)

Vice-chair: Hannah Cooper (Green)


Chair: Karen Lewing (Green)

Vice-chair: Pat Agar (Labour)

Licensing and Environmental Health Committee

Chair: Richard Udall (Labour)

Vice-chair: Karen Lawrance (Lib Dem)

Audit and Governance Committee

Chair: Neil Laurenson (Green)

Vice-chair: Matt Lamb (Labour)

Standards Committee

Chair: Sarah Murray (Lib Dem)

Vice-chair: Basharat Ali (Labour)