Driving around the UK can be a treacherous task for motorists with potholes being a common sight on roads across the country.

The number of potholes on British roads has surged in recent years, seeing the number of callouts for stranded drivers increase, according to the RAC.

While many potholes are avoidable and harmless some of the bigger ones can cause serious damage to your motor and put you out of pocket.

If you're looking for a way to claim compensation for damage caused to your car, Admiral Insurance has you covered.

Worcester News: There is no guarantee of compensation for pothole damage.There is no guarantee of compensation for pothole damage. (Image: Getty)

How to get compensation when a pothole damages your car

While there is no guarantee that a claim for pothole damage to your car will be successful, the car insurance company has created a handy guide.

Collect evidence 

After a pothole has damaged your car, you should take note of the pothole's location and the time the incident occurred.

You should then take your car to a garage for the damage to be assessed by a mechanic. They should then make a written report.

Make sure you have as much evidence as possible.

Find out who's responsible

The next step would be to work out who is responsible. This would usually be your local authority.

However, proving the Council has been negligent is difficult. One way to do this would be to ask for copies of highway maintenance schedules and reports of incidences (within 14 days of the accident) to show a failure.

It is key to have evidence showing that if something was done, an accident would not have occurred.

Report it

To report the issue, visit your local authority's website and fill out a compensation form, including as much information as possible (photos, the mechanic's report, and key details).

Worcester News: You should take a note of all important details when making a claim for compensation.You should take a note of all important details when making a claim for compensation. (Image: Getty)

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What to do if you get an offer

If the Council's offer isn't fair and does not cover your costs, go back to them to complain.

You also stand a better chance of gaining a good settlement if the pothole has been reported but no action was taken.

Offer rejected by the Council

If you feel like your claim has been rejected out of hand, you can seek legal advice and take the case to court but this could be costly and time-consuming.

Claim through insurance

If you have comprehensive insurance, you can claim for damage through this instead.

However, you should check the cost of the damage, your excess payments, and if this will affect your No Claims Bonus.