A block of 14 flats could be built on an unused car park in St John’s.

But neighbours have criticised the plans, saying developers have not included enough parking space for future residents.

Plans to build the new apartment block on the former Co-op staff car park in Henwick Road have been submitted to the city council.

Worcester News: UNUSED: The former Co-op car park as it is todayUNUSED: The former Co-op car park as it is today (Image: Boughton Butler)

If approved, the four-storey building would house 11 one-bedroom flats, two two-bedroom flats and one three-bedroom flat.

According to planning documents, the building would be set back from the road and would have seven parking spaces, offered to residents on a first-come, first-served basis.

There would also be bike storage with enough space for more than 20 bicycles.

The apartment block would have a shared garden space, with balconies on the upper floors. The third floor apartment would have access to a larger patio and green roof space.

“It is considered that the characteristics of the proposed site layout within the plot fits comfortably with the surrounding development, and that substantial amenity space is provided for the future users,” the planning documents state.

“The location of the development is highly sustainable and would provide users with a unique opportunity for high quality new accommodation in a city centre environment.

“The proposed building form, scale, design and materials are appropriate and sympathetic with surrounding properties, and in keeping with the character of the area generally.”

A number of residents have objected to the plans, saying they do not include enough parking spaces for 14 apartments.

One resident of Bromyard Terrace said: “This is a ludicrous design by an architect who should know the area is already in dire need of additional parking. Each flat could house two people so that is an additional 28 cars.

“I have lived in St John’s for five years and sometimes have to walk 15 minutes from my car to reach my home.”

Another neighbour said: “Surely this space would be better used as a public car park? There is not enough parking in the local area and adding more properties will not help with this.

“There will be people parking over double yellow lines and in other people’s spaces, adding to the parking drama.”