THERE is a chance people could see the northern lights return to Worcestershire’s skies tonight. 

People enjoyed seeing the aurora borealis over the county earlier this month with stunning images captured in places such as Malvern, Drakes Broughton and the observational tower at Croome Court. 

The Northern Lights are typically seen nearer to the Arctic Circle in locations such as Norway and Iceland and it is rare to see them in the UK. 

They are caused by particles from the sun entering the Earth's atmosphere at high speed. 

The Met Office has confirmed that it is possible the phenomenon will be visible again in the UK on Monday.

However, it will mainly be in the north of the country.

Worcester News: STUNNING: Northern lights seen in Malvern.

 The Met Office’s space forecast said: “An enhancement to the aurora may occur on Monday night (20-21 May) following the possible arrival of a coronal mass ejection (CME) that left the sun late Friday 17 May.

“Following any CME arrival aurora may become visible, where skies are clear, across parts of Scotland and Northern Ireland, with a slight chance that views of the aurora may also be possible from northern England and North Wales.”

The forecast for the county tonight is mostly dry and clear.

 Where to see the Aurora Borealis

The best areas to observe the phenomenon are those with a north-facing horizon and lower light pollution at times when the sky is clear of clouds and rain.