THIEVES stole a sign from a Worcester park with one of the city's most iconic views leaving people feeling 'disappointed'.

A tourist information plaque, which would guide visitors to the different species of trees in Fort Royal Park, has been stolen.

The sign gave visitors a different way to explore the park while enjoying the views of the entire city landscape. 

Worcester News: What the sign looked like before it was stolen. What the sign looked like before it was stolen. (Image: Jabba Riaz)Councillor Jabba Riaz said he and his fellow councillor, Cllr Atif Sadiq, are disappointed that the theft has taken place.

He added: "We work closely with Friends of Fort Royal and residents to enhance one of Worcester's most iconic parks.

"A park that has won Green Flag Status and one of the most iconic views from the city.  

"The plaque was a wonderful addition to the park, guiding visitors to all the wonderful species of trees that the park has on offer.

"It is a great way to explore the park, but we are disappointed that the vandals chose to steal it."

The two are now working with council officers to install a more robust replacement.