A Peregrine Falcon chick from Worcester has been spotted over 100 miles away in a northern town.

The young bird was born at the Worcester Cathedral last year and has now been spotted atop Bolton Town Hall. 

According to the Manchester Raptor Group, she remained in Worcester until at least September. 

Chris Dobbs, Worcester Cathedral biodiversity advisor said: "The are incredible creatures and once seen they keep coming back. 

"There was a confirmed report of one of our birds in Bolton last year."

Unfortunately, she is unlikely to breed this year due to her age.

Judith Smith, chair of the Manchester Raptor Group, said: "She was only born last year, you can tell that because she has a large orange ring on her leg which says 'XJH', which we can track back to Worcester Cathedral. 

"She has done 90 miles or so to live in Bolton with a male who is much older than her and more experienced, hopefully next year they will have babies.

""We are not sure what has happened to the old female.

"We also don't know when this bird came in, probably around New Year." 

Unlike Worcester Cathedral, the nest in Bolton is not monitored via a livestream and the council is not allowing members up the clock tower to ring the falcons.

She continued: "What I would like to see in Bolton is what they have got in Rochdale, they got 100k views in the last four weeks for their live webcam. 

"If Bolton Council were to do the same then that is more traffic to their website, and they are better able to inform people of things. 

"There is also a camera already set up on the balcony at the Town Hall, but it has never been activated.

"If they have the camera it is popular and makes people proud of their town."

A spokesperson for Bolton Council said:  “Unfortunately, it is not possible to set up a camera in the clock tower at present due to some health and safety considerations around planned town hall maintenance.”