A Droitwich care home resident and former ecologist has received a letter from Sir David Attenborough for his support of the natural world.

Alan ‘Shep’ Shepherd, a 71-year-old former senior ecologist at the Worcestershire Wildlife Consultancy was overjoyed to receive a personalised letter from the beloved biologist and broadcaster who applauded him for his work.

The letter came as a surprise to Mr Shepherd and Kate Lockwood, Westmead Residential Care Home's activities coordinator who initially wrote to Sir David.


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He still uses every opportunity to share his love for nature with the residents and staff at the home.

In the letter, Sir David said: "Dear Alan Shepherd, I have been told of the wonderful work you have done to unveil the beauties and wonders of the natural world.


"I’ve been doing the same sort of thing on television and am totally convinced of the value of doing so.

"Best wishes, David Attenborough."

Thrilled to receive acknowledgment from his idol, Mr Shepherd said: "It is like receiving a letter from a god.

"I was astonished that David Attenborough took the time to hand write a letter to me."

After receiving the letter, the care home, a not-for-profit Sanctuary Care home, has arranged for Sir David's note to be framed along with a picture of the broadcaster.

It now sits Mr Shepherd’s private room at Westmead.

The care home’s Manager, Taymar Phillips, said: "When the letter arrived, Shep was overcome with joy.

"He loves animals and everything to do with nature; at any opportunity he is sharing his excellent insight on conservation and biology with fellow residents and staff members."

"Shep lives and breathes the great outdoors and often conducts talks with residents about the animals we have across the UK, which gives him such a sense of purpose, sharing the knowledge he has developed throughout his studies and career."