The smallest stuntman in the world is coming to Worcester.

Daredevil Jorge Cabrera Matachana, also known as George the Dragon, is set to amaze audiences with his death-defying tricks.

Standing at four feet tall, the performer is the world's smallest stuntman, executing tricks while riding a motorbike within a sphere known as the 'Globe of Death'.


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Cuban Matachana, who was born with dwarfism, decided not to let his condition deter his ambition of becoming the world's smallest stunt rider.

The 34-year-old, experiencing G-force akin to a fighter pilot, zooms within a locked dome alongside two other riders who rapidly loop vertically and horizontally, inches away from each other.

His career in the circus began as a clown at the age of 17, inspired by his childhood dream of travelling the globe.

He switched to performing breathtaking stunts after joining Circus Vegas last month, which is touring the UK until the end of June.

Matachana said: "I was always good at making people laugh, which is why I decided to make it my career by becoming a clown.

"I am always learning new skills and developing my act and three years ago I decided to really push myself and become a stunt rider.

"No dream is too big no mater your size if you really apply yourself and try hard.

"In the circus ring I feel like a giant."

Anthony Anderson, the show's director, added: "The circus industry is very much an equal opportunity employer and offers jobs and opportunities to all types of performers no mater their size, creed or ethnic background and here at Circus Vegas we are really proud of this."

Circus Vegas categorises the Globe of Death as the most 'death-defying trick ever completed' under the big top.

A spokesperson said: "It's a one-of-a-kind performance, featuring the most talented dare-devil performers from across the globe.

"George the Dragon has quickly become a crowd favourite.

"George is a huge inspiration to all and his determination to become a stunt rider shows it's not your size but the size of your character that truly matters."

Circus-goers can catch George the Dragon at Sixways on Sunday, June 30.