On Friday, Worcester, along with other towns and cities across the UK, will be lighting up landmarks in bright orange to raise awareness about Prader-Willi Syndrome (PWS), a rare genetic disorder.

The Guildhall Worcester will glow bright in orange from sundown, signalling support for those affected by PWS and encouraging participants in the 'Move it May' fundraising campaign to visit their nearest orange-lit landmark.

'Move it May' is a nationwide celebration that inspires people, including those living with PWS, to achieve a set distance by participating in physical activities.

This may range from swimming, cycling and running, to pushing a wheelchair, and includes other forms of movement too.

The initiative is aimed not only at those diagnosed with PWS but is also designed to encourage the larger population to adopt a more active lifestyle.

This year, the 'Move it May' community aims to cover about 2,779km or 3.6 million steps, the equivalent of walking from Bournemouth to Dundee via Belfast, and then ending in London.

This distance mirrors the steps it would take to walk between each landmark glowing orange for the awareness effort.

Many participants in the challenge will conclude their journey at these landmarks, wearing as much orange as they can to celebrate the strides the community has made together.

Numerous landmarks, including the Battersea Power Station, Cardiff Castle, Newcastle's Millennium Bridge and York City Walls will be illuminated in orange in a show of support for people living with PWS on May 31.

PWS affects around 2,000 people in the UK, and has a significant impact on the lives of both males and females from birth and beyond.

The disorder causes an overwhelming and uncontrollable urge to eat that can limit normality of life, along with learning and physical disabilities.

In a joint statement, Jackie Lodge, CEO of PWSA UK, and Catherine Shaw of FPWR UK, said: "This is a huge step for our PWS community.

"Our respective charities have, for the first time, come together for PWS awareness month and have been able to make this even more special with the Glow Orange campaign.

"It is vitally important to raise awareness and funds to help our PWS community."