A leading dog charity has revealed the most common behavioural issues facing UK dog owners.

Dogs Trust's study discovered that separation anxiety, reactivity towards people and other dogs, uncontrolled barking and guarding behaviours are currently the most challenging issues for pet owners.

The information was obtained from the charity's Behaviour Support Line, a free service launched this year to assist dog owners.


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The research found that around 83 per cent of dogs showed at least one "undesirable behaviour".

More common in crossbreeds - including Cockapoos and Labradoodles - the behaviour issues were also prevalent among Cocker Spaniels, Border Collies and French Bulldogs.

In defence of the nationwide surge in problematic pet behaviour, the charity pointed towards inappropriate owner responses.

Disturbingly, the National Dog Survey disclosed several alarming techniques employed by some owners to improve their dogs’ behaviour, which are, in fact, exacerbating the problem.

These methods range from misguided attempts to mimic canine behaviour to various physical punishments, all of which are strictly discouraged by Dogs Trust.

Katy Errock, the line's manager at the charity, said: "Problem behaviours such as reactivity and separation anxiety can affect the well-being of both dogs and their owners alike, and the results of our National Dog Survey show that some owners could be making the situation worse by using in their bid to resolve the issues.

“It’s vital that owners seek expert advice as early as possible if they are struggling with any element of their dog’s behaviour.

“We want to hear from dog owners from across the UK so we can continue to provide the services that they need. The insights gained from this year’s National Dog Survey will ensure Dogs Trust can continue to adapt the way we support dogs and their owners, helping them to live the best lives possible together.” 

To continue their efforts the charity is calling on owners across the UK to participate in the country's largest national dog census, the National Dog Survey.

Running until Friday, June 14, the survey will enable the charity to improve its services and get an overview of the most pressing issues in the canine community.