"SOMEONE is going to get hurt" if a city school cannot find a lollipop person soon, a councillor has warned.

Cherry Orchard Primary School has been without a lollipop person for over a year, which has caused fears that a parent or child might get seriously hurt while crossing the busy Timberdine Avenue. 

It has led parents to campaign for safe crossings for children when they go to and from school.

Worcestershire County Council is currently in the process of hiring a new lollipop person - but no one has applied for the role so far.

Former mayor of Worcester Councillor Louis Stephen said someone will get hurt if no one can find a person to fill the position.

Worcester News: Cherry Orchard Primary School is in need of a lollipop person. Cherry Orchard Primary School is in need of a lollipop person. (Image: Louis Stephen)He added: "Like a lot of schools, the roads around Cherry Orchard Primary School have become very dangerous at the start and end of the day.

"It's dangerous in these circumstances to allow children to cross the road by themselves. Someone is going to get hurt.

"Not having a safe crossing means we deny older primary-age children the independence to walk to school by themselves.

"In a vicious circle, understandably, it means that many parents choose to drive their children to school, leading to even more congestion in the city and the daily mayhem we see outside all of our schools at drop off and pick up times of the day.

"It's a paid position - job applications are open for a new lollipop person- is there anybody willing to step up to help our local children?" 

There is currently a large number of lollipop person positions available across the county.

Perry Wood Primary and Nursery School and St Clement’s CofE Primary School are other Worcester schools looking to fill positions.

Inkberrow Primary School, St Richards C of E First School in Malvern, Wilden All Saints CE Primary School in Stourbridge and The Vaynor First School in Redditch. 

A spokesperson for Worcestershire County Council said: "As a School Crossing Patrol, you will make a difference by assisting families across the road on their journey to and from school.

"You will be fully trained and your role will be to cross families across the road at a designated crossing point."