A POIGNANT post-box topper commemorating those who fought for our freedom has been ripped apart.  

Kind-hearted people in St Peters who had worked for weeks to craft the topper to mark D-Day woke up this morning (Thursday) in shock after they found their beautiful work had been destroyed. 

It was placed on top of a post box near St Peter's Baptist Church less than 24 hours before it was ruined and scattered all over the floor.

Saddened staff at the Baptist Church said they hoped those responsible would come forward and acknowledge their wrongdoing. 

Worcester News:

Women from the church's Eden coffee shop craft and chatter group were the talent behind the topper. 

Next Tuesday, June 6, marks 80 years since the D-Day landings, which saw the Allied invasion of Normandy.  

The day marked a seminal moment in the Allies victory over Nazi Germany in the Second World War. 

Church coffee shop manager Lydia Repton, whose husband's grandfather fought on the beaches on D-Day, said the community were 'hugely upset'.  

She added it was not the first issue the group has faced as a previous topper, knitted for the Queen's Platinum Jubilee, had also been stolen.

“As a church, we do a lot to create a nice atmosphere for the local residents and we are so disappointed at what has happened. 

“We’re trying to remember brave people who have fought for us to have freedom, the topper was a lovely little tribute, so it is upsetting that this is how people choose to remember them. 

“The craft and chatter group is all local ladies, not even church members, they just want to bring some positivity to the community.

"We have received so many positive comments about the creation, so it's  really sad what happened."

Mrs Repton added that as a Christian committed to positivity and forgiveness she hoped those responsible would one day realise their mistake.

The craft and chatter group meets every Wednesday and makes creative toppers based on current local, national or global events every few months.