A BEAUTIFUL and popular huge wooden clock has been stolen from an Evesham cancer charity by 'scoundrels'. 

The clock was taken from Tracy Sollis Leukaemia Trust shop in the Library Arcade at around noon on Tuesday (May 29).

Charity founder Sue Sollis BEM said it was 'so upsetting scoundrels had taken a special and unique item.'

The marvellous wooden piece was donated to the charity around 12 months ago and, falling in love with it, Mrs Sollis decided it could be put on display for visitors to enjoy.

Mrs Sollis said she was informed by a customer that the clock had been ripped off the wall it hung on.

As the screws the clock was attached to were still on the wall, Mrs Sollis said she fears the watch may now be badly damaged as it would have required a lot of force to remove it.

She added: "So many people comment on how nice the clock is, it really is special and unique.

"We had really secured it to the wall so it would have taken a lot of effort to remove it, we're so upset it has been taken.

"We have tried to do something special for people and it's frustrating that someone always has to put a dampener on things.

"We really hope the scoundrels that stole it are caught.

“We’re hoping the cameras on the high street may have picked something up it would be so nice if we could find it again as it was so lovely."

Mrs Sollis set up the Trust after she lost her 'daughter and best friend' Tracy aged just 15 to leukaemia.

It aims to promote and assist in the prevention and relief of sickness, suffering and distress of those suffering from leukaemia.

West Mercia Police are aware of the theft and an investigation is ongoing. 

Email the Evesham Safer Neighbourhood Team at adam.johns@westmercia.police.uk or matthew.beards@westmercia.police.uk to report any information about the theft or if you know where the clock is now.