"CRUEL" trolls body-shamed a Worcestershire pop star after she performed live for the first time in years. 

Cher Lloyd shared on Instagram that she had received "some pretty mean comments" after she performed several of her hit songs at Mighty Hoopla on Saturday (June 1).

The mum of two from Malvern had gone through a tough time postpartum and said being on stage had really given her a boost.

She performed on stage at Mighty Hoopla, which is dubbed 'Britain's best pop festival', in London, and sang her best-known hit, Swagger Jagger. 

The X Factor star also performed new song Head Down live for the first time saying: "This means an awful lot to me. I wrote it about two years ago, I was heavily pregnant at the time as well and it feels so good to be back on the stage."

In a post on Instagram, the star wrote: "I've seen some pretty mean comments about my body following my recent performance.

Worcester News: The star had posted on Instagram. The star had posted on Instagram. (Image: Char Lloyd)"This body grew two babies.

"I loved being back on stage so much.

"It gave me such a boost, especially after going through a tough time postpartum.

"I love my body for all that it's done to give me two wonderful children.

"Body shaming is never right.

"To those who choose to be so cruel, I hope you learn to love yourself enough to not break down others."

The star also shared some advice to current mothers who may be feeling self-conscious about their bodies.

She added: "And to the Mama's out there not quite feeling yourself, I understand. 

"I feel you. I see you.

"YOU are beautiful."

Many fans took to social media to share their excitement about the 30-year-old return to the stage. 

@perrypresents Cher Lloyd performing New Song Head Down Live for the first time at Mighty Hoopla 2024 ! #CherLloyd #HeadDown #MightyHoopla #PerryPresents #PopNewsWithPerry ♬ original sound - perrypresents

One said: "I love how much you can tell she's just loving being on that stage and actually performing Swagger Jagger. 

"I've been waiting ten years to see that live again."

Another said the performance brought tears to his eyes.

The singer and rapper attended the Chase School and Dyson Perrins CE Academy before going on to become a superstar overnight at the age of 16 after reaching the final of the talent show in 2010.

X Factor fans always credit her Turn My Swag On performance as one of the show's best auditions.

Cher Lloyd married Craig Monk in November 2013 and the pair have two children - Delilah-Rae and Eliza Rose.