A REDDITCH businessman is selling bizarre merchandise celebrating the bum of Scotland's John McGinn - which he says is flying off the shelves ahead of the Euros.

Kevin Beresford, aged 72, is flogging jigsaw puzzles, drinks coasters and mugs featuring the backside of the Aston Villa midfielder in tribute to his "dynamic derrière".  

Kevin said he wanted to commemorate the Tartan Army reaching the Euro 2024 tournament in Germany by doing something "a bit different".

So he created the wacky range of Scotland memorabilia dedicated to the player's famous buttocks entitled: "The Wonderful World of Super John McGinn's Arse." 

McGinn has been nicknamed 'BraveArse' by supporters due to his uncanny ability to hold off opponents using his rear end.

The tough-tackling 29-year-old previously admitted the body part has helped his career thrive, saying: "If I didn't have my backside, I'd probably be at Yeovil.

"I don’t think anyone has a backside the size of me."

Worcester News:

Kevin, who is known as Britain's Dullest Man, is now selling the coasters and mugs for £8.99 each while the jigsaw puzzle will set fans back £17.99. 

Kevin said: "I just wanted to do something a bit different to the usual St George's and St Andrew's Cross flags you see everywhere in the shops. 

"Scotland have done incredibly well to get to the Euros so I wanted to commemorate the occasion in a unique way - and I think this ticks that box.

"I'm a Villa fan and it's fair to say he is also Scotland's most popular player with their fans, so I thought he would be perfect. 

"And as any Villa or Scotland fan knows he utilises his brilliant backside with amazing success when holding off defenders or other midfielders. 

"He uses his buttocks to baffle and battle his opponents and then does his trademark John McGinn turn.

"It's almost unique what he does, I've never seen another player use their backside to their advantage like he does.

"He almost goes horizontal in a crouching position and just sticks out this dynamic derrière, which is worthy of a Greek God.  

"We were having some debate about whether to use the word arse but I think it's funnier than bum or buttocks. 

"Plus the Scots are well known for their colourful language so I can't see it offending them. 

"I saw Richard Attenborough use it in a 1950s film, so I think by now its been diluted enough to be acceptable. 

"Also John McGinn is a well-known joker in the dressing room so I'm pretty sure he'll enjoy this."

Worcester News:

McGinn previously said he believed his backside had helped him during his career from his time with Hibs to now being in the Champions League with Villa.

In an interview with the BBC, he said: "Its something I try to use to my strength. 

"I'm not the same as other midfielders in the Premier League. I'm not as neat and tidy as them all. I'm certainly different and I think that's helped me in my career.

"I try and stay unique. Some coaches have tried to coach it out of me but I've got to believe in it. 

"The boys have a laugh about it. Get that backside away from me and all that.

"But if you can use it before a goal or to help your team in a wee duel, its all for the better."

Kevin's Scotland Euros 2024 merchandise can be purchased at: https://dullkev.com.

Dad-of-four Kevin, a retired painter, is backing an England v Scotland final if the teams can avoid each other along the way in Germany.

Kevin, who previously sold calendars dedicated to Jack Grealish's calves, added:   
"I'm hoping for an England versus Scotland final - that would be really nice. 

"I'm one of these supporters who likes to see the home nations do well at football and rugby even though it might not be reciprocated.

"I think England have a great chance of winning the whole thing but it's going to be difficult and I hope Scotland also go deep in the competition."