KIND-hearted volunteers and veterans have been at Worcester Foregate Street giving commuters a welcome fit for a hero's return.

Veterans charity Stepway and the Salvation Army were at the train station marking the 80th anniversary of D-Day on Thursday by offering free tea, coffee and cake to commuters. 
This kind gesture was the same thing the Salvation Army did to welcome home returning heroes getting off the train after serving during the Second World War. 
Some veterans were around wearing blazers with their service badges. 

(Image: Newsquest)

The idea was the brainchild of Stepway founder and CEO Dawn Turner to commemorate the bravery, strength and sacrifice of those who fought on the Normandy beaches 80 years ago. 

Other Stepway volunteers were at Rowley Regis Station, which is on the route to Worcester, giving passengers there the same hero's welcome. 

Stepway’s operations director Tina Dales, who served in the RAF for seven years, said its D-Day commemorations were helping to send a message to those who served that they didn’t die in vain. 


(Image: Newsquest)

“From a veteran perspective, this anniversary is all about remembering people who gave their lives. 

“Some people we have spoken to didn't even realise it was D-Day, others didn't know the difference between D-Day and VE Day so we need events like this to raise people's awareness of the importance of this anniversary."

Ken Griffin, who served in the Royal Hampshire Regiment between 1975 and 1982, added: "This event has been moving, the response has been terrific. 

“It’s very important we keep this day alive for our future generations to realise what was done for our freedom.  

“The heroes are over there in France, the ones that came home are the lucky ones and it's right they are remembered."