FOUR Peregrine falcon chicks, which were born in Worcester, have been named. 

The chicks were born at The Worcester Cathedral earlier this year and have received their names after the last bird fledged from the nest.

The cathedral had asked for help naming the chicks. 

The young birds have been named Shaun, John, Liz and The Ball. 

Shaun has been named after Shaun Micklewright who has been involved in ringing the chicks over the years. 

John has been named in honour of the outgoing Bishop of Worcester, John Inge. 

Liz has been named after Liz Hoskins from the monitoring team for all she does for the birds. 

The Ball has been named by drop-in visitors and has been shortened from The Snowball. 

The shortening comes from her losing her white feathers and size. 

She is also known as The Mighty Ball, The Famous Ball or just The Ball. 

Throughout the whole process, the cathedral had a live camera set up on the nest which saw over half a million people pass through.