Birmingham Airport has issued advice relating to the current liquid restrictions that are in place.

If you’re heading to the airport soon, you might notice that the airport has met the June 1 deadline set by the government for some UK airports to install new security scanning equipment.

The new equipment will be used as passengers and their hand luggage pass through security.

In due course, the airport says new restrictions on liquids in hand luggage will be in force – here’s what the airport said about the changes.

Birmingham Airport shares new hand luggage liquid rules

Birmingham Airport has said that in due course, passengers will be allowed to take up to two litres of liquids through in cabin baggage.

However, some restrictions temporarily remain in place.

Until further notice, the airport advises passengers to only carry liquids up to 100ml.

These liquids don’t need to be stored in a plastic bag and put into a tray at security – they can be left inside your hand luggage when departing Birmingham Airport.

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It has outlined its current advice for passengers going through the airport:

  • Customers can only take liquids, pastes and gels up to 100ml in their hand luggage. 
  • The quantity of individual items at 100ml is unlimited.
  • Liquids should not be in plastic bags, just loose in hand luggage.
  • Liquids, pastes, and gels stay in hand luggage during the security search area. Passengers are asked not to remove them.
  • No liquids, pastes or gels over 100ml are allowed through security.
  • No bottles or cans of water, carbonated or soft drinks over 100ml can be carried through in hand luggage.
  • Insulated water bottles can be carried through security but need to be empty, at the airport’s refill stations.
  • Leave all electricals in hand luggage during the security search.  
  • When going through security make sure all items are out of pockets including phones, keys, coins and tissues etc. Watches can be left on.

You can find out more information about the airport and liquid restrictions via the website.

The new security area at the airport is bigger with £60 million being invested.

It's purpose built with simpler and streamlined equipment with the aim to futureproof the airport.

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From its current 12 million passengers per year in 2024, the airport is predicted to accommodate 18 million per year by 2033.

The airport explained that the new security area construction works are still on-going so the queuing area for security may start on the ground floor.   

If you’re travelling by train, all passengers are required to head to the ground floor to join the queue for security. 

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Al Titterington, Terminal Operations Director for Birmingham Airport, said: “Once we receive the regulatory approval that will allow two litres to be carried as hand luggage through Birmingham Airport, we will then be able to transform the customer experience with this world class security screening equipment.

“In the meantime, customers are reminded that they can only carry up to 100ml in their hand luggage and certainly no bottles/cans of water, carbonated or soft drinks over 100ml. Plastic bags for liquids are not required, and electricals can stay in hand baggage too, no longer needing to be presented separately.

"The airport looks forward being able to announce when it receives its regulatory approval for the carriage of two litres, until this time customers should prepare as above.”