A boat hire company near Droitwich Spa has shifted its operation from mineral diesel to hydrotreated vegetable oil (HVO).

After getting the go-ahead from the Department for Transport to subsidise HVO for both domestic use and propulsion of vessels on the Inland Waterways, Trinity Boats have made the shift.

This change makes it the only narrowboat hire business to run all of its boats on the 100 per cent renewable diesel fuel that can reduce up to 90 per cent of net CO2 emissions.

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HVO is a fuel derived from waste residuals such as food industry fats.

Located in Dunhampstead on the Droitwich Ring, the boat hire plans to furnish its five, soon to be seven, bespoke narrowboats with the fuel alternative.

The company is the first Roam & Roost Canal Boat Holidays Partner to run its boats on HVO.

Phil Webster, director at the company, said: "At Trinity Boats we are committed to the environment and sustainability, we have therefore switched to HVO fuel for our hire fleet and resale to boaters, our holiday hires are fuel-inclusive so our customers can enjoy a more environmentally friendly holiday without any additional cost.

"We are also about to launch our first Serial Hybrid holiday hire narrowboat 'Sunflower'.

"It can be used in conjunction with or as a replacement for traditional diesel, making it an easy product to switch to for the thousands of boats already on the inland waterways that don’t have many other options in terms of switching to something more sustainable than Mineral Diesel without signific upfront costs."

He added: "I would call on the government to properly fund Britain’s waterways and continue to work to close what remains a significant price gap between HVO and mineral diesel to make it an affordable option for all boaters on the Inland Waterways."

Three-night breaks start at £87.50 per person, while one week can cost between £600 and £3,000 for a boat.