A CELEBRITY footballer known for having an eye for a goal paid a visit to an Indian restaurant near Worcester.

Gifted attacking midfielder and Premier League legend Matt Le Tissier was seen enjoying a meal at Spice Fusion in Dunhampton last night (Monday). 

Staff at the restaurant said it was nice seeing the star enjoying his food and he carried himself with the same charisma as he used to on the pitch. 

Manager Sahid Ali said one of the restaurant's loyal customers, Nigel Lynal, had called to say he would be bringing a very special guest to dine at the restaurant.

Matt Le Tissier with Sahid Ali.Matt Le Tissier with Sahid Ali. (Image: Spice Fusion) He and the team were overjoyed to find out that the mystery guest was actually Le Tissier.

"I am a football fan, we all are here," said Mr Ali.

"We grew up watching him and when he started and then becoming a legend so it was nice to see him in person."

Mr Le Tissier spent his entire professional club career with Southampton before turning to non-League football in 2002.

His loyalty to the club and immense skill had given him the nickname Le God.

Mr Ali added: "He is really lovely actually and really nice and presentable.

"He seemed really relaxed and had skill on the pitch, and it came across, I think, yesterday. 

"He enjoyed everything and made nice comments about our food.

"He definitely enjoyed it."

Mr Ali joked that some of the younger employees had not known Le Tissier because they had not been born yet.

"We have some young boys as staff, and they would not have known him because he played more in the 1990s.

"I had to explain that he was Premier League legend, and once they Googled him, they were shocked."

This is not the first face to enter to restaurant who is known for their sporting career.

The staff has also welcomed Owen Cooper, a boxer who is the current WBO European Champion and English Champion in his weight category.