Nigel Huddleston says the Tory manifesto will “resonate with people of all ages”.

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak launched the party’s manifesto at Silverstone this week, with key pledges including the abolition of National Insurance for self-employed people.

The Conservatives also promise tax cuts for workers and pensioners, say they will “seize the benefits of Brexit” by signing new trade deals and plan to introduce mandatory National Service for 18-year-olds.

PODIUM: Rishi Sunak launches the Conservative manifesto at SilverstonePODIUM: Rishi Sunak launches the Conservative manifesto at Silverstone (Image: PA)

Mr Sunak’s National Service plan will see school leavers given the choice between a “competitive placement in the military or civic service roles”.

The manifesto includes a pledge to cut anti-social behaviour by “rolling out Hotspot Policing, expanding community payback and legislating to evict social tenants who repeatedly disrupt their neighbours”.

Mr Huddleston, the Conservative candidate for the Droitwich and Evesham constituency, welcomed the manifesto.

He said: “This is a wide-ranging manifesto that commits to a variety of measures that will resonate with people of all ages.

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“From the triple lock plus for pensioners, to more National Insurance cuts for workers, to further financial support for families with children, and measures to help young people onto the housing ladder, there is something in it for everyone.

“It shows we have a clear plan for the future of this country whereas the Labour Party has no plan, other than to commit to unfunded spending plans and raise taxes on working families.

“On July 4, I encourage people across the Droitwich and Evesham constituency to choose security, lower taxes, protected pensions, aspiration and opportunity with the Conservatives.”

The Tories say the scrapping of the second phase of HS2 will allow for a £36bn investment in roads, rail and buses, including £8.3bn to fill potholes and resurface roads.

The party also says it will “stop the boats by removing illegal migrants to Rwanda” and will “work with other countries to rewrite asylum treaties”.

It also wants to “protect children by requiring schools to ban the use of mobile phones during the school day”.