A MAN claims workers at a housing association have smashed his window twice while carrying out gardening work.

Steven Tyrrell who lives in Malvern came home to find his window broken. 

The window leads to a community garden which had been recently trimmed by Platform Housing. 

Mr Tyrrell claims that the window was smashed after a stone was flung by a strimmer during garden maintenance. 

Mr Tyrrell said: "When I got back home on June 4 I saw that I had a shattered window and no one had even told me that it had happened.

"From what I can tell, a stone had been hit when the grounds staff had been strimming the garden and nobody reported it to me. 

"It's been five working days now since I reported the incident to Platform Housing and I have not heard anything back from them."

This is the second time that this has happened to Mr Tyrrell after the "exact same thing" happened in July last year. 

Last year's incident took over two months to rectify. 

Mr Tyrrell said: "It's monotonous, after the first time, I put down some log roll and they have not listened. 

"Twice I've come home and twice my window has been smashed and now I'm in the same boat. 

"I have reported it to the police. 

"I understand that accidents can happen, I'm just angry at the fact that someone's done it and not had the decency to own up to it. 

"If they had said that they had done it then there wouldn't be a problem."

Simon Harris, operations manager at Platform Housing Group said: “We are sorry to hear about Mr Tyrrell’s concerns. 

"We haven’t had the broken window reported to us by him but we will certainly look into this for him and one of our colleagues will be in touch to discuss this with him directly."

A West Mercia Police spokesperson said: "We received a report on June 4 of criminal damage to the property. 

"A window had been shattered at the property. 

"This is now under investigation."