Worcestershire has been urged to "do its bit" for animals as the RSPCA celebrates its 200th birthday.

Last year saw an astounding 31,947 calls to the charity's emergency line across England and Wales, the highest of any week for the whole year, with frontline teams handling 5,573 incidents of animal cruelty, neglect, and mistreatment.

57 of the cases that week were in Worcestershire, a fraction of the 2,494 incidents across the county throughout 2023.

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Throughout the charity's 200th year, its officers responded to as many as 330,415 calls from across the countries, even before the busiest summer months.

They dealt with 116,512 incidents of concern.

RSPCA inspector Claire Davey recalled the story of a cat named Asher, who was discovered in a box by rubbish bins in Kidderminster.

The black cat was discovered in a 'Peppa Pig' box next to bins on Paradise Way.

After being found, Asher was examined by a vet on behalf of RSPCA Stourbridge and District Branch, and was determined to be flea ridden, anaemic and dehydrated.

Ms Davey said: "Being abandoned amongst the rubbish is just so heartbreaking.

"Luckily he came into the care of the RSPCA Stourbridge and District Branch."

Branch chair Liz Cormell remarked how Asher gained weight and strength after a week, largely thanks to the efforts of the Wyre Forest District Council Waste Disposal.

She said: "Luckily he was found when he was and following treatment and some TLC he is on the mend."

Now, the charity is urging people to join its million-strong movement to make the world a better place for animals as they face "some of the biggest threats in our history".

RSPCA Chief Executive Chris Sherwood said: "To keep creating a better world for every animal, we need more people to take action.

"That’s why, in our 200th year, we want one million people to join our movement - and to share in our vision for every kind."

Mr Sherwood added: "We can all do our bit for animals.

"Because a world that is better for animals, is better for us all."

Sunday (June 16) will mark two centuries since the animal welfare organisation was formed.