THIS year's Miss Worcestershire has joked about needing to teach herself how to walk in heels before the UK finals. 

Elinor Edwards, a part-time stand-up comedian from Upton, considered applying for the role after thinking it would be a "funny experience".

Now, the new Miss Worcestershire of 2024 is in the running to be named Miss Great Britain if all goes well at the national finals on October 18. 

"This is going to be such a foreign concept for me - I need to learn how to walk in heels," said the neuroscience student, who is currently studying in Bristol. 

"I am completely going in blind but really proud to be representing Worcester."

Elinor EdwardsElinor Edwards is the new Miss Worcestershire 2024. (Image: Elinor Edwards) This will not be the 21-year-old's first time on stage, as she is used to performing stand-up comedy acts.

Miss Edwards will also be doing Edinburgh Fringe as part of her stand-up career, but she admitted that, despite being used to performing, the glam side of beauty pageants makes her nervous. 

"It is crazy as I have never done anything like this before, and other girls have," she added.

"It is quite nerve-racking as everyone that does it is quite glam and seeing the other girls, they look stunning.

"It has been really good for my confidence and going out of my comfort zone."

Miss Edwards said she thinks the judges chose her because she is a bit different, and her passions for comedy and neuroscience make her unique. 

"It feels really surreal but I want but I want to get as much life experience as I can.

"I would say to any other girls hesitant to do things to give as many things as they can a go, and if you never stand up or don't sign up, then you never know."

Miss Edwards will now need to compete against all the other countries in the UK to be crowned Miss Great Britain. 

The Miss Great Britain pageant will take place in Leicester.