A Worcester employment solicitor has said that new legislation will allow businesses to save time.

Sally Morris, a partner and head of employment and HR services at mfg Solicitors, has said that new TUPE (Transfer of Undertaking (Protection of Employment) Regulations) laws taking effect on Monday, July 1 could reduce red tape, aiding businesses, particularly smaller ones, in cost and time savings.

She asserts that employers across the county should understand the upcoming changes to TUPE, which guarantees protections for employees during certain circumstances, including business sales, and requires employers to inform and consult with the affected staff.

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Ms Morris believes that the legal changes next month will see the government reducing the burden of these guidelines, which will specifically benefit smaller businesses.

Under current law, any company with over 10 employees must inform appropriate representatives, like a trade union official, if there is a business sale under consideration.

However, as per the new legislation, the right to interact directly with staff will now include firms with fewer than 50 employees and larger companies where less than 10 employees are impacted by the sale.

The purpose of the fresh TUPE laws launching in July is to alleviate delays during business sales and acquisitions by simplifying procedures.

The legislation will extend the legal definition of a "micro-business", reducing obligations during the sales process by eliminating several previously required consultative measures.

Essentially, Ms Morris says that the legislation change aims to eliminate some of the previously necessary consultative steps.