Councillors have delayed making a decision on plans to extend a house near a city secondary school.

The owners of a detached home in Spetchley Road want to build a rear and side extension in their garden.

But neighbours complained and city councillor Pat Agar had the application ‘called in’, which means decided by councillors at a committee meeting rather than by planning officers.

The property is next to the access road for Nunnery Wood High School and, according to planning documents, is linked “via the rear garden open corridor to Nunnery Wood and the open countryside beyond”.

Neighbour Mark Bevand told Thursday’s (June 20) meeting he thinks the property is already overdeveloped and described the proposed extension as a “bulky mass” that would face his garden and be “well and truly in your face”.

Mr Bevand said building an extension on the other side of the property would make more sense.

Cllr Richard Udall said that before hearing from Mr Bevand, he was struggling to understand why the application was being decided by the committee rather than by planning officers.

“I now understand more clearly some of the concerns which are being raised,” he said.

“And I am not confident of making a decision here today based on the objections that we have understood.”

Cllr Udall suggested deferring a decision until the next planning committee meeting, giving councillors time to make a site visit and better understand the issues.

He also said the applicant may be able to strike a compromise with objectors.

Committee members agreed and voted to defer making a decision until a later date.

Planning officers had recommended the plans for approval.

But three neighbours had objected to the proposed extension, describing it as “overbearing” and raising concerns over drainage.