AN AUTISTIC boy who dreams of joining the police was given a birthday surprise when officers formed a guard of honour before being driving him to school.

Father Chris Mobeli said around a dozen police officers lined up in Back Lane South, Worcester, to surprise his son Jayden on his ninth birthday on Friday (June 21). 

The officers brought with them a patrol car and a riot van and gave him a police baton and a riot shield before he was taken to school. 

The visit was a complete surprise for the nine-year-old who hopes to be a police officer when he grows up.

Mr Mobeli said: "My son is autistic and we live near a police station.

"When he is asked what he wants to do when he grows up, he constantly says he wants to be a police officer. 

"Instead of taking the bus to school, the officers picked him up and dropped him off. 

"I get on well with the local safer neighbourhood team and had mentioned it in passing. 

"Ten to twelve police officers turned up including the sergeant and the superintendent."

GUARD OF HONOUR: West Mercia Police officers wait to escort Jayden to school on his ninth birthdayGUARD OF HONOUR: West Mercia Police officers wait to escort Jayden to school on his ninth birthday (Image: Chris)

Jayden did not know about the surprise and thought that officers were closing the road and that he would miss his bus.

However, once he found out that the officers were there for him, he was overwhelmed. 

Mr Mobeli continued: "It was really nice.

"There was no expectation, they didn't post it on their social media, it was something for Jayden. 

"He was exceptionally happy and, although he struggles to communicate, I can tell he deeply appreciated it. 

"It ended up being a very busy day for Jayden, the police visit, school and then we went to the balloon festival."

Commenting on X, John Campion, West Mercia police and crime commissioner, said: "What a lovely story and thank you for sharing. 

"Wishing your son a belated happy birthday from all of us at West Mercia PCC."

Mr Mobeli said: "The teachers were gobsmacked and his friends were all really impressed."