A CANNABIS farm was discovered by firefighters after they were called to an incident at a home on a picturesque estate.

Residents woke up to the sound of loud banging on Monday as police dealt with a cannabis grow at a house in Deane Drive in Whittington.  

Residents reacted with complete shock when they found out a cannabis grow had been discovered on their road, with several saying they 'hadn't got a clue' anything illegal was going on. 

Police are now hunting those involved with nobody home at the time officers arrived. 

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Eyewitnesses described police removing the cannabis plants from the building and loading them into several vans.

A crew from Worcester Fire Station was called at 4.18am to the flooding of internal electrics at a flat on Deane Drive.

Access was gained to a first-floor flat using a triple-extension ladder, with gas, electric and water isolated. 

At 5.30am, the incident was left with police as a confirmed cannabis farm.

Police were there as early as 5am with a presence remaining in the street throughout the day. 

A West Mercia Police spokesperson said: "Officers attended a property on Deane Drive, Whittington around 5am on Monday, June 24. 

"The fire service was already at the scene due to reports of a large leak in the property and had discovered a cannabis grow upon entry.

"No one was at the property, and no arrests have yet been made. 

"Enquiries into the grow continue."

West Mercia Police later called National Grid to isolate the property's electricity supply. 

A National Grid Electricity Distribution spokesperson said: “We were requested by the police to isolate a property’s electricity supply on Deane Drive as a safety measure.

"This is standard practice in cases like this, and the property has now been disconnected from the network.”

The house has been boarded up since Monday. The house has been boarded up since Monday. (Image: Ryan Smith at Newsquest)

Officers were still spotted emptying cannabis from the house by onlookers at 4.45pm. 

Those around Deane Drive, and nearby Cooke Close said police left the scene at around 5pm. 

The front door was boarded up around that time and it remained that way on Tuesday morning. 

Several of the windows also had their curtains drawn. 

One man living nearby said he was unaware of the cannabis grow being there but saw the police arrive and heard 'loud banging' throughout the day. 

Another said there was a large police and fire presence at the building but the police vans were blocking his view to the house.  

Contact West Mercia Police if you have any information on the cannabis grow.