A request to cut down a tree protected by a Tree Preservation Order (TPO) has been refused by the district council.

A resident requested the horse chestnut outside her home in Appletree Lane, Inkberrow, be removed because of its “excessive size”.

In a planning application submitted to Wychavon District Council, she said no natural light was able to enter the property and offered to plant a smaller tree in its place.

But the council rejected the application, saying there was “insufficient justification” for the proposed works.

“The tree is a prominent feature within Inkberrow,” said officers in their refusal notice. “There are very few trees of similar size or stature within the immediate locale.

“The tree, being prominent in the street scene, visible within both public and private views, including from some distance away, is of value in terms of public amenity.

“Its removal would be to the detriment of the street scene.”

They said the council’s tree officer found no defects to justify its removal.

“Although it is recognised the tree is of a significant size and is encroaching on Glencoe and neighbouring properties, this could better be managed by reducing limbs back from the house to create 3m of clearance and by lifting the crown's lower limbs to a height of 4m above ground level.

“These remedial works would allow more light through, reduce leaf litter and reduce the tree's overall impact on nearby properties.”