A Worcester school has opened its new space for outdoor reading.

The new reading shelter, funded by Platform Housing's Community Chest, has opened at Hollymount School in Worcester.

The project realised the school's Reading Ambassadors' requests for a space to read outside during break times and in all weather conditions.

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Emma Train, English lead at the school, said: "This is something the children have been requesting for a long time.

"We are delighted with the generosity of Platform Housing and the children cannot wait to put the new shelter to good use."

She added: "The doors to the library open directly on to the new area so children can select a book at their leisure and then read or share a book with a friend somewhere peaceful.

"We also hope to invite members of the local community to read with our young people here.

"We hope that this will bring communities together and share the written word across generations."

Marion Duffy, chief operations officer at Platform, said: "We are delighted to help fund this worthwhile project and be part of improving our local communities; encouraging children to read from an early age has so many benefits from better concentration to a wider range of vocabulary."