YOU could make a huge profit if you have a 20p with a minting error.

A 20p coin allegedly removed from Royal Mint circulation due to a minting error has been sold for a large sum on the buying and selling site eBay.

It is now one of many Twenty Pence pieces being sold on eBay for having an error.

One seller had managed to sell their misshaped 20p coin, which is slightly out of shape, for £75.00 - 375x its face value.

The seller described the coin as: "Removed from a Royal Mint Brilliant Uncirculated Annual Coin Set using cotton gloves.

"The coin is a miss strike, which has caused an error with the coin.

"A one-off?

"Some toning on the coin.

"Sent securely and discreetly with Royal Mail."

The seller is one of many people cashing in their coins for a greater profit. 

Another seller from Stourport had also made a huge profit after selling a 20p coun with a rare dating error.

Their coin had sold for £69.99 - nearly 350x its face value. 

A few twenty-pence pieces were struck without the year in November 2008 after a printing error.

The rare undated 20p coin has been dubbed "the holy grail of change collecting" by The Britannia Coin Company of Royal Wootton Bassett after a printing mishap in 2008.