Registrations have opened for a new environmental scheme across Worcestershire.

Solar Together, the group-buying initiative for solar panels and battery storage, has returned and is encouraging residents, community buildings, and small to medium-sized businesses to invest in clean energy.

Last year, the scheme saw 504 residents install solar energy, potentially reducing carbon emissions by over 9,000 tonnes over a 25-year lifespan.

Residents and businesses can register their interest until Friday, August 9.

Post-registration, an auction will be held where pre-approved installers will submit their bids.

Worcestershire County Council, in collaboration with district councils and iChoosr, are collectively offering the Solar Together group-buying scheme.

The initiative, which also offers EV charge points, allows retrofit battery storage for those that have already invested in solar panels, thus maximising their renewable energy potential while increasing their independence from the grid.

Building on four years of success, the programme has been run across the UK, leading to over 14,500 installations and an avoidance of over 307,000 tonnes of carbon emissions.