CONCERNS about speeding raised by a parish council have led to an increase in police officers being posied with speed cameras.

Hanley Swan Parish Council had shared their concerns over speeding with Upton SNT.

PC Kevin Johns, from Upton SNT, had been out in two locations today (Friday) to target speeding drivers.

One of the places was Hanley Castle High School on the B4211 and the other was the B4208 Hanley Swan.

PC Johns is also encouraging residents in Hanley Swan to share where their speeding hotspots are so that the areas can be better targeted.

He added: "Due to Parish Council priorities, today I conducted speed enforcement near Hanley Castle High School on the B4211 and the B4208 Hanley Swan.

"It was good to see that all drivers were abiding to the respective speed limits and no tickets were issued.

"If you have any concerns in relation to speeding where you live, please get in touch and your local Safer Neighbourhood Team will be willing to talk about it and conduct a safety check of the area to see if speed enforcement or monitoring can be conducted."

The minimum penalty for speeding is £100 fine and three points added to the driver's licence.