A dad was left red-faced after his pregnant girlfriend revealed the contents of a hospital bag he packed - including a Max Branning t-shirt, hair gel and a whistle.

Liv Nightingale was "baffled" after her partner, Ryan Thomas dropped off a bag of pregnancy essentials for her at Worcestershire Royal Hospital.

Instead of the usual towels, underwear and nightwear, Miss Nightingale opened the bag to find a full make-up bag, shower gel, a Dyson Airwrap and three toothbrushes.

Also in the bag were two 'night out' dresses, an EastEnders-themed Max Branning t-shirt, hair gel and a whistle.

Understandably confused, she then received a "panicked" message from Mr Thomas - who had gone home to look after their toddler - telling her that he 'hoped the bag was OK.'

(Image: SWNS)

The stay-at-home mum - who says she found the whole thing hilarious - shared some photos of the contents on TikTok and brutally rated the bag a measly three out of 10.

Miss Nightingale said: "I was baffled. 

"There was no sense behind it - even the toothbrush - it was a pack of three.

"The midwives found it hilarious and they'd keep popping in and clocking in the t-shirt. 

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"I was having serious discussions with midwives with a Max Branning t-shirt on.

"I don't wear much make-up, I'm not sure what the hair gel was for and he was clearly planning on me going on a night out after being released from hospital with the dresses. 

"I'd have liked some underwear, a towel for starters and a normal t-shirt though."

The couple had just got home from a family holiday when they thought Miss Nightingale was due to give birth.

After she posted her TikTok, she hit back at comments questioning Mr Thomas's decisions.

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Miss Nightingale said: "People said he's an awful partner and 'good luck raising a baby with him.' 

"I didn't realise people felt that passionately about hospital bags.

"It got even more extreme than that, I've never experienced bullying or anything like that so I had to delete the comments. 

"I guess people don't understand our sort of banter."

Thankfully, this hospital trip proved to be a false alarm and Miss Nightingale is still waiting to give birth - with a slightly different bag this time.