A WIDOWER has shared her upset after her husband's memorial tree became one of many that vandals had damaged.

Sandra Layton and her husband Geoff lived near Gheluvelt Park for over 50 years and used to visit it frequently before his death two years ago.

The family planted the tree 18 months ago in Mr Layton's memory, but now there are claims it is one of ten that were purposely damaged by vandals in the park. 

Sandra Layton and her husband, Geoff. Sandra Layton and her husband, Geoff. (Image: Sandra Layton) Mrs Layton said her husband's tree had its branches ripped off while others in the park have been cut in half or completely uprooted. 

"I am very upset and I am still getting over the loss," she said.

"One of my granddaughters wanted the tree there so she could sit on the bench nearby and talk to her grandad.

"We all still go and sit by the tree.

"It is annoying as well as makes me angry because we have a plaque which says it's Geoff's tree, so they knew."

DAMAGED: Mr Layton's memorial tree. DAMAGED: Mr Layton's memorial tree. (Image: Sandra Layton) Mrs Layton believes the incidents happened between June 25 and 27, as she last visited the tree on June 25. 

The whole family visits the tree on Christmas Day, his birthday, and the anniversary of his death, but Mrs Layton can often be seen watering or pruning the weeds around it.

"I have looked at it, and because the tear goes quite far down, I am worried disease will get into it," she said.

She added a park ranger told her that sticks had been placed in the mesh around her tree, and the rangers believed vandals had planned to set it alight. 

Worcester City Council said it would increase monitoring of the park and will raise the matter with the police.

A spokesperson added: “The council will not tolerate damage to memorial trees that hold so dear for those families and friends whose loved ones they commemorate.

“If anybody witnesses any damage being caused within the park, then they should contact the police on 101.

“Our parks operatives will assess the damage caused with a view to carrying out whatever remedial action that may be required.”