A new docuseries has been released on Netflix telling the true story of a serial sperm donor and the families who have tried to stop him.

The Man with 1000 Kids has now arrived on the streaming service with there being three episodes in total.

It focuses on Jonathan Meijer who donated to sperm banks around the world, including 11 in the Netherlands, and contributed to private donations.

On the Tudum website it says: "Tall, handsome, and blessed with a head of thick blond hair, Meijer’s profile stood out to those browsing private sperm donation sites where a prospective parent could search for potential donors.

"In his initial correspondences, Meijer claimed that he only intended to donate sperm to a handful of families — but in time, it became clear that he’d lied to many of them."

Limits on sperm donation exist in order to protect the resulting children from the risk of consanguineous relationships, or unwitting incest, so efforts have been made to prevent Meijer from donating again.

Meijer is believed to have fathered between 550 and 600 children around the world.

Who is Jonathan Meijer?

Jonathan Jacob Meijer is a 42-year-old from the Netherlands who has worked as a civics teacher, a mailman, and a cryptocurrency consultant, according to the Daily Mail.

He began donating sperm back in 2007, using several names including Jacob, Ruud, Walter, and Maarten.

Alongside that, he also joined Facebook groups for women and couples who want but cannot have kids.

Tudum says he also "maintained an active YouTube channel that showcased everything from his opinions on cryptocurrency to his attempts at a raw-meat diet, all with an ever-changing backdrop as he travelled around the world".

In April 2023, a Dutch court ordered Meijer to stop donating semen to clinics, or face being fined 100,000 euros (£88,000) per infraction.

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Where is Jonathan Meijer now?

According to the Daily Mail, Meijer continues to donate sperm which he claims is only to women who already have a child from him and want another, which the recent court verdict allows for.

He has told German media he wants to raise kids of his own one day, saying he would like five.

Meijer still continues to post to his YouTube channel showing his travels around the world and talking about his sperm donation.

The Man With 1000 Kids is available to watch on Netflix now