A leading psychologist will host a retreat for women across the county in need of a refresh.

Clinical psychologist Kate Mason from Worcestershire will host the Women and Wild Wildfire Retreat from October 4-6 at Cotswold Glamping to help women bust stress and reignite their lost spark.

Designed to help women realise their true potential, the retreat offers a combination of adrenaline-fuelled activities such as firewalking and glasswalking, and introspective tasks like self-discovery workshops and breathwork.

The retreat aims to help women overcome their fears, and remind them of their capabilities amidst the chaos of their everyday lives.

There will also be opportunities to relax and rejuvenate through sound baths, a hot tub, food, drinks and live music.

Ms Mason said: "I passionately believe that women possess incredible strength and resilience.

"But high expectations, the quest for perfection, the mental load and the never-ending to-do lists can lead to a loss of self-belief and identity."

She added: "Self-care and development doesn’t have to be boring and my Women and Wildfire Retreat is all about turning up the heat and pushing you out of your comfort zone, spending a weekend doing something purely for you and rediscovering exactly what lights your fire - no pun intended.

"The effects of my retreats are transformational and their effects can be felt long after our attendees go back to their normal lives, which for me, is what it’s all about.

"They can be felt long after our attendees go back to their normal lives.

"So whether you’re an exhausted mum, suffering from burnout from the 9-5 or have forgotten what it’s like to prioritise yourself, come along and surround yourself with other amazing women for a fun weekend of facing your fears and reminding yourself you’re made of string stuff.”

Ms Mason continued: "The Wildfire Retreat is not just about you as an individual, it's also about sharing the experience with a community of other incredible women.

"There is nothing quite like women cheering other women on and everyone leaves with their cup full and a real sense of belonging."

To secure a spot visit the Women and Wild website (https://www.womenandwild.co.uk/women-and-wildfire).