THE planned closure of the public toilets at Crowngate bus station has been suspended.

New signage will be put in place this evening after a number of station users and residents spoke out against the plans.

It reads: "The planned closure of the public toilets at Crowngate Bus Station has been suspended while we seek further consultation.

"Your voices have been heard, and we appreciate all the feedback we've received so far."

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People had voiced their discontent earlier this week after Crowngate announced that the bus station's public toilets would close permanently on Monday, August 5.

The plans were called 'crazy' and 'nonsensical' by station users.

People said they were worried about how the decision may affect elderly bus users.

People have been told the nearest alternative facilities were in Angel Place - where toilets cost 20p to enter.

Passer-by Ronald Mann said: "They should stay open. The toilets (inside the station) are easy, accessible, and hygienic.

"If a person only has a few minutes until their bus arrives and they're desperate to use the toilet, they may not have time to use the facilities up the road.

"Plus they may not have the change to hand, and those paid toilets are in a terrible state."

The decision was announced via signage placed at both ends of the station and on the entrance to the toilets.

Crowngate Shopping Centre has been under new ownership since February this year.