ONE of the 'prettiest riverside walks' in Worcester should be reopened according to angry residents - despite the council saying it is too expensive to do so. 

Residents have renewed calls to reopen a footpath along Northwick Slip saying being unable to walk along it represents a major loss of the charm and joy of living in the city.

More than 300 people have signed a petition demanding the path, in Northwick Marina, be reinstated.

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Maria Baldwin, who set up the petition, said: "This footpath was not just a route, but a source of joy and calm provided by the city I call home.

CLOSED: Signs alerting residents to the closure in 2022.

"However, this essential part of our community's landscape was snuffed out due to its closure. 

"The footpath is not just a nostalgic memory for me but an integral part of Worcester's charm appreciated by many residents.

"It is our right to have access to these public spaces that add a sense of tranquillity to our bustling city.

"The abrupt closure of the footpath has robbed us of one of the prettiest riverside walks in Worcester, resulting in the loss of a valuable recreational space for the public."

The petition calls on the council to ensure the re-establishment of the public footpath at Northwick Marina and "reclaim residents' rights" to enjoy the city's beauty.

"Our appeal is more than just about restoring a footpath, it is about retaining the character of our beloved city," added Ms Baldwin.

A spokesperson for Worcestershire County Council said: "The path has been closed on safety grounds due to the collapse of the river bank. 

"Due to the difficult access and the sensitive nature of the site, the cost of reinstating the site has been estimated between half a million to £1million and is not considered feasible at this time”.

Worcester News has contacted Worcester City Council for a comment.

The footpath along Northwick Slip was closed in March 2022 after natural erosion made the path unsafe for walkers.

Worcestershire County Council temporarily closed the slip, but two years later, it still remains closed.