DIGLIS residents have raised concerns over the influx of noisy seagulls in the area.

Jim Robinson has been woken up countless times in the middle of the night in recent weeks due to the noise.

Mr Robinson said: "They're a real pain. My sleep has definitely been disrupted because at about 4am they start up their racket.

"It means I have to shut my windows because they're so loud, even though it's warm."

Mr Robinson believes that seagulls and their chicks are nesting on rooftops and chimneys in the area.

"There's a block of flats on the junction of Mill Street and Portland Street, and there's one or two nests there and then another three or four further down.

"You hear the chicks first, and then the parents start their racket.

"I've not long moved back into the area, but I lived in Diglis five years ago and was never woken up by seagulls, so it's definitely a problem that has worsened."

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One resident, who didn't wish to be named, said: "The seagulls are a bit of a menace, and the problem has got progressively worse."

"Only recently, my car was dive-bombed by seagulls because one of their chicks had fell out of the nest and onto the road in front of me."

Worcestershire County councillor, Alan Amos, believes tougher measures should be taken.

He said: "This is exactly what I've predicted for years. Seagull numbers in Worcester are higher than they've ever been, and they're growing.

"It's not just a city centre problem.

"We have to minimise their numbers, and I think a cull is the only way to do it."

A spokesperson for Worcester City Council said: "The city council does not have a statutory duty to deal with gulls nesting on private property, but we nevertheless do our best to offer support to residents and businesses to help make their properties gull-proof.

"Gulls are a protected species, so we do this work under licence from Natural England.

"Anyone who has an issue with gulls causing a nuisance, can contact Worcestershire Regulatory Services by emailing enquiries@worcsregservices.gov.uk or calling 01905 822799."

Worcestershire County councillor, Alan Amos, believes tougher measures should be taken.