WORCESTER's latest bridge has seen the addition of its final section delayed by concerns over safety.

The bridge lift had originally been scheduled for 8.30am, however, delays pushed this back to 10.30am. By this time, weather conditions were no longer suitable for using heavy equipment like the crane.

Jon Fraser, head of highways at Worcestershire County Council, said: "Most of the bridge is in and there's just one section to be craned into place, but it's too windy unfortunately.

"Safety is the most important thing and the crew are just concerned about the gusts of wind at the moment."

The crane used to move the section of the bridge into place cannot be operated in winds of over 20 miles per hour, forcing the crew to delay the lift.

Mark Mills, client project manager for Worcestershire, said: "We've had the odd gust of wind this morning and that is what the contractors are concerned about.

"It's not the ideal conditions for lifting heavy equipment, unfortunately."

Sections of the bridge had been lifted into place by a pair of cranes over the past week.

Despite current concerns, Mr Mills is optimistic about completing the section soon: "Everything is lined up so we'll assess the weather and, working with the Met Office, as soon as we know we've got a clear window, we'll get it up.

"It will be this afternoon (July 10) all being well, and if not, it will be tomorrow."

With the addition of yesterday's section, the bridge is now self-suspending.

Despite spanning across the river, the bridge will still be several months from use, with work on parapets, expansion joints, abutment works and lighting set to be installed before completion.

The bridge is intended to connect Gheluvelt Park on the east side of the river to the Kepax site on the west, allowing for quicker travel between the two areas.

Once completed, it will form a 'figure-of-eight' route around the River Seven, using Diglis Bridge and Sabrina Bridge as other crossing points.