CITY councillors have slammed the lack of repair work done on the old Powick Bridge - six months after its partial collapse.

The medieval bridge, famous for its roles in both the first and last battles of the English Civil War, has been closed since the end of January.

The county council announced a plan of repairs for the historic bridge yesterday - just before Worcester City Council met to discuss the lack of action taken over its collapse.

But city councillors felt it was still too little, too late.

CONCERN: Cllr Smith said more residents have contacted about the bridge than any other issue since the local electionsCONCERN: Cllr Smith said more residents have contacted about the bridge than any other issue since the local elections (Image: Sue Smith)

Cllr Sue Smith said: “The old Powick Bridge closed in January and it’s been closed ever since. This is not acceptable to me or the residents I represent.

“Concern about the bridge, its repair and its future is the single biggest issue raised with me since my re-election.

“I should not need to stress the historical significance of the bridge - it’s of national and international importance.

“Residents use the bridge for leisure and recreation. It’s a cycling bridge and the start of the national Monarch’s Way footpath. It provides access to riverside walks and it’s important to wildlife.

“The dithering and delay of the last six months cannot continue. In what appears to be an argument between the county council and the Environment Agency, meanwhile the bridge is crumbling, its damage is increasing and its situation is critical.”

Cllr Alan Amos said: “This is not just any old bridge, it’s a central part of our history.”

He said he was “well aware of the complex technical issues involved” but was becoming increasingly concerned “that half a year on not a single brick or block has been replaced”.

Cllr Richard Udal said: “We cannot just sit around and wait for the county council and Environment Agency to make up their minds as to who is responsible for the damage and the repair.

“It collapsed due to a sustained period of neglect over a long period of time - something we need to ensure does not ever happen again.”

County highways chief Marc Bayliss has said a temporary platform safeguarding the collapsed part of the bridge will be installed later in the summer.

This will also allow the arch and abutment to be properly inspected.