MYSTERY organisers of an animal rights protest are being urged to keep public safety in mind.

The police have appealed directly to organisers to get in touch ahead of the planned protest in Ledbury on Saturday, September 6.

Despite their efforts, police have been unable to identify or make contact with the backers.

Chief Inspector Shane Hancock, of Herefordshire police division, said: "It's normal, when any public protest is being planned, for the organisers to contact police; indeed there's a legal responsibility for written advance notice to be given in most cases.

“This is so that, most importantly, the police can facilitate a lawful and peaceful protest.”

He added the organisers had a responsibility to the health and safety of those attending, which the police could advise on.

Mr Hancock added: "It's disappointing on this occasion they seem to have distanced themselves from their responsibilities.

“Without contact, I can only make assumptions about their intentions and base any policing response on those assumptions.”

Mr Hancock can be contacted on the West Mercia Constabulary number; 08457 444888.