POLICE are cracking down on nuisance youths illegally riding minimoto bikes through the streets of Worcester.

A bike was seized from a 13-year-old boy caught riding along Canterbury Road, Ronkswood, and on land near Whittington.

He was spotted by PC Rich Foxall, local policing officer for the Nunnery area.

“Such machines cause damage, injury, noise and nuisance and are often ridden dangerously by children,” said PC Foxall.

“Riding these bikes on land without permission, or on any public footpaths or roads, is illegal and those found responsible will be dealt with robustly.” After a chat with the teenager and his parents it was decided that the bike would be handed over to police and crushed, and no other action would be taken.

However, police say anyone caught persistently riding a minimoto or pit bike could be fined up to £5,000 for riding it without insurance, £1,000 for having no licence or valid MOT certificate and £30 for riding without a helmet. Anyone too young to have a driving licence will have points added to any subsequent licence if convicted at court.

Those who have their machine seized have to pay £105 to get it released as well as a £12-a-day storage fee.

If the vehicle is not claimed within 14 days, it could be crushed or sold.

People have reported seeing and hearing minimotos around the Nunnery area of Worcester this summer.

PC Foxall said: “These people can be a real nuisance and cause continual disturbance and distress to residents.

“I hope the seizures will act as a warning to anyone considering riding a vehicle illegally on land or in a public place and reassure residents that officers will use the powers they have to deal with such offenders.”

Minimotos can be used on private land with the landowner’s permission or at minimoto raceway circuits.

The nearest to Worcester are in Stourbridge, Leicester, and Nottingham. To report a nuisance biker contact police on 08457 444888.