A CROSS-dressing builder caught driving on the M6 in fishnets and lace panties has been fined more than £1,000.

Ronald Logan was spotted by a passing lorry driver on the motorway near Birmingham in July.

Gemma Goode, prosecuting, said the driver became aware of someone wearing fishnet stockings and then realised it was a man who was only using his left hand to steer his car.

His other hand was committing an indecent act while he had black lace pants around his thighs.

Miss Goode said a minibus carrying a group of children was nearby. She said: “The lorry driver said he found his actions very offensive and called police on his cab phone.”

Police stopped Logan, of Ambleside Drive, Warndon, Worcester, as he approached the M42 junction and he was told to get into their vehicle.

While the police officers were outside their car, one of the officers witnessed Logan exposing himself again and committing an indecent act on himself.

When questioned, he told police his hand was between his legs to keep it warm.

Logan admitted two counts of outraging public decency and driving without due care and attention.

Andy Childs, in mitigation, said 62-year-old Logan had been through a difficult time.

He said he had not exposed himself in the police car, but was instead pulling up his trousers.

He said Logan’s wife, who was with him in court yesterday, was aware her husband wore women’s clothes, but was not happy that it had now been made public.

Mr Childs said Logan suffered from depression following a severe back injury.

He said: “It’s offensive and sad but I hope the court will enable Mr Logan to put it behind him.”

Magistrates fined Logan a total of £1,275 and put five penalty points on his driving licence.