A FAMILY in Droitwich think they might have spotted and filmed a UFO in the night sky.

Steve Weeks said both he and other members of his family saw a series of fairly large bright orange lights.

“Firstly, a group of three lights or objects separated about a quarter of a mile apart from each other, arranged in a slightly curved line and passed over our house probably at an estimated height of 1,000 to 2,000 feet or more,” he said.

“They made no engine noise at all. It was definitely not aircraft lights which usually flash intermittently.

“They also moved too fast to be aeroplanes or otherwise.”

Mr Weeks, of Brantwood Road, said the strange lights moved north before they faded somewhere above the M5 at 8.51pm on Sunday, August 24.

“This was followed by another single bright orange light on its own this time, but exactly the same, following the same path as the first three which we saw at the same height and speed,” he said.

“I wonder if any other readers witnessed these strange lights at all over Droitwich or the surrounding area? I have an open mind regarding UFO’s but these are certainly the most bizarre lights I have ever seen in the night skies of Worcestershire before.”

Your Worcester News has reported several sightings over recent years: In January 1997 Connie Clark, of Ontario Close, Lower Wick, saw a fiery red streak moving in a long sloping arc across the sky in the direction of Evesham before splitting in two.

The same year, dozens of people called the Worcester News with reports of an orange ball streaking across the sky in Drakes Broughton before exploding.

In August 1998 a crop circle mysteriously appeared in a farmer’s field in Astley, before Angela Wright from Droitwich saw a huge machine the size of a house in the sky and her radio cut out while driving by the Berkeley Arms near Worcester during the same month.

In February 2000 Georgina Wells saw a yellow egg-shaped object which got lower and lower before shooting off into the sky out of the window of her Bransford Road home, while Jim Brace watched a huge plate-like object with many small domes over South Littleton in June of that year.

In 2003 Daphne Wright watched a cloud of red lights hover above her home in The Hill Avenue, Battenhall, Worcester, for almost an hour. In June this year Bonnie Lewis filmed seven shapes which made no sound and flashed different colours in the sky near Webbs garden centre, Wychbold.

Did you see the strange lights? Have you got any pictures of them? If so, contact our newsdesk on 01905 742244 or send an e-mail to wenedit@worcesternews.co.uk