SCORES of students young and old are due to graduate from the University of Worcester tomorrow. Here we take a look at some of the people involved in the ceremony.


Worcester News: Ann Slade has gone from leaving school with no qualifications to achieving a degree in English from the University of Worcester  .

ANN Slade, who left school more than 50 years ago with no qualifications, is among those graduating.

“I can honestly say that studying for my English degree at the University of Worcester has been the most positive, enjoyable and pivotal experience of my life,” said the grandmother.

“It hasn’t been easy. Three weeks into my course I sat at the helpdesk in the university library and cried. I could not grasp the computer work. I did in the end – with lots of help, and when the course was over, I slept solidly for three weeks.

“The things I found hardest to come to terms with were calling tutors by their Christian names and actually being asked what I thought. In my day we were told what to think!

“I feel really lucky to have had this opportunity at 72. I’ve learnt more about myself during my university studies than I would ever have anticipated.

“The tutors at Worcester are excellent in terms of support and the way they put lectures across. They transfer their enthusiasm and expertise in a very accessible way.”

“I was in a wonderful position with my grandchildren as they were at times studying the same texts as me. The day forever implanted in my memory is when my granddaughter and I worked together on the Great War poets.”


Worcester News: Lord Faulkner has been honoured with a Fellowship of the University of  Worcester for his work in politics, business and a range of charities.

LORD Faulkner of Worcester is receiving a fellowship from the University of Worcester tomorrow for his outstanding contribution to politics and his work throughout Worcestershire.

Lord Faulkner has served as a working peer since 1999 and became a deputy speaker of the House of Lords in 2007. He has successfully combined careers in business and politics, holding positions in journalism and communications, and standing as a parliamentary candidate on several occasions, the first in 1970 aged 24, shortly after leaving Oxford University.

He is also involved in a wide range of charitable and voluntary organisations. He chairs the Railway Heritage Committee, serves on the board of trustees of the National Museum for Science and Industry and is vice-president of the Football Conference and the National Association of Disabled Supporters.

He is also a trustee of anti-smoking organisation ASH and a patron of the Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation.

University of Worcester vice-chancellor Professor David Green said: “Lord Faulkner’s elevation to the post of deputy speaker of the House of Lords is a testament to the high regard in which he is held and we are delighted to honour his work.”


Worcester News: Experienced groundsman Jamie Hill has supplemented his practical expertise with a Graduate Certificate in Leadership and Management.

THE University of Worcester’s award-winning groundsman has successfully achieved a graduate certificate in leadership and management.

Jamie Hill, who has been groundsman at the university for four years and was named Worcestershire Groundsman of the Year in 2006, juggled evening study with his day job to complete the course in one year.

The former senior groundsman at the Royal Grammar School qualified for the course through the mature entry route, using his extensive management experience in place of formal business qualifications.

Mr Hill, who currently manages six members of the university’s facilities team, felt the time was right to improve his management skills through academic training.

“I’ve got several horticultural qualifications, but I’d never studied anything like this before,” he said.

“I was quite nervous about it, but I was very impressed with the lecturing staff and how supportive everyone was, and I really enjoyed doing it. It was hard work, and fitting it in around working full-time was quite a feat, but I’d recommend it to anyone. In fact, I might suggest that one of my guys gives it a go next year.”


Worcester News: Children’s Laureate and author Michael Rosen will receive an honorary master’s degree from the university today.

CHILDREN’S Laureate Michael Rosen is receiving an honorary master’s for his contribution to the field of children’s literature.

Mr Rosen is one of the best-known figures in the world of children’s books.

In 1974, his first book of poems for children was published and marked the beginning of an illustrious career in writing, performing, teaching and lecturing.

He is also a well-known media personality and is a familiar voice to BBC radio listeners as the presenter of Word Of Mouth, a programme that looks at the way we use the English language.

He is currently the Children’s Laureate, a role awarded every two years to just one person who is an eminent writer or illustrator of children’s books.

University of Worcester vice-chancellor Professor David Green said: “There is no aim more laudable than to engage the imagination of children. Michael visits schools and children’s events worldwide to share his passion for books, poetry and creativity. His writing is a huge hit with children and appeals to people of all ages.”

“This award recognises over 30 years of outstanding and dedicated work in this most important field.”


Foundation Degree Arts in Business & Management
Maggie Barratt, Nicole Barton, Sam Butalia, Leanne Cox, Jenna Garey, Matthew Hartles, Natalie Hilton, Rebecca Husband, Fiona Smith, Kasia Murphy

Bachelor of Arts in Combined Studies
Matthew Rose

Bachelor of Arts Majoring in Combined Studies
Nasra Hassan-Diriye

Bachelor of Arts with Honours Combined Studies
Greg Southall, Samuel Wilkes, Yanqi Wu

Bachelor of Science in Computing
Waqas Ahmed, James Brown, Matthew Coram, Naseer Iqbal, Quddus Javed

Bachelor of Science with Honours in Computing
Hurair Ahmed, Stuart Barnwell, Matthew Carter, Shawn Davis, Jennifer MacRae, Kevin Parfitt, Kayleigh Pink, Mark Russell, Steven Waller

Joint Honours in Computing
Sareena Ali, John Crosdale

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology
Paul Githongo

Bachelor of Science with Honours in Information Technology
Sarah Jay

Bachelor of Science with Honours in IT For Education and Training
Natalie Allman, Helen Crump, Noel Vance

Bachelor of Arts in Business Management
Christopher Bate, Philip Emmerson, Yanxin Lu, Janette Score

Bachelor of Arts Majoring in Business Management
Julie Pitts

Joint in Business Management
Russell Anstey, Amardeep Atkar, Daniel Evans, Farrah-Jayne Khabazian

Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Business Management
Sara Adams, Chang Jing Ai, Joshua Allard, Sam Austin, James Billingham, Tony Bqain, Frank Bullen, Ernesto Carrillo, Tingting Chen, Ryan Day, Lijia Deng, Alexandra Douglass, Frida Ekenberg, Linda Eliasson, Anton Emback, Yilin Fan, Laura Fowles, Shan Gao, Emma Glasspool, Yue Gong, Paul Greenhouse, Zheng Gu, Anne Gwilliam, Christopher Haynes, Asha Hersi, Fatbardhe Hetemaj, Anthony Hiscock, John Hollins, Zong Huang, Owen Humphries, Zhaoxia Jia, Petri Junttila, Frat Kanat, Nadine Kinsey, Robert Knight, Natalya Kulina, Chunbo Lan, Johan Larsson, Hung Li, Minmin Li, Ning Li, Qianyu Li, Zhongyuan Li, Xi Liu, Kevin Lloret, Stephen Luckett, Zhuo Ma, Yeqi Ma, Iain Millar, Xiaojiao Nie, Linda Nyberg, Beatrice Osterberg, Tina Pardoe, Brett Plant, Sophie Preece, Lifan Qi, Wei Qiang, Lucy Rose, Sarah Rose, Michael Rose, David Schuster, Laura Shaw, Xiaoyan Shi, Amanda Skelding, Jie Song, David Stevens, Michael Sturrock, Yu Sun, Jesper Svedberg, Katarzyna Swistek, Michael Taylor-Brown, Oliver Temperley, Lee Turton, Simon Utas, Thinh Vu, Valtteri Vuorio, Dan Wang, Xiao Nan Wang, Linxin Wang, Yan Wang, Sarah Warbrick, Hao-Yun Wen, Bo Wu, Phillip Wyatt, Jia Xuan, Hangyu Zhang, Qinli Zhang, Ying Zhang, Xiaoyu Zhang, Nan Zhao, Jia Zheng, Xinyi Zhu

Bachelor of Arts with Honours Majoring in Business Management
Georgina Baker, Victoria Bayliss, Antony Cole, Martin Hilliard, Thomas McNulty, Ben Mitchell, Laura Parkes, Alexander Perkins, Stephanie Schofield

Joint Honours in Business Management
Michael Clark, Samuel Faulkner, Stuart Healey, Robert Humphries, Lorraine Munro

Bachelor of Science with Honours in Business Information Systems
Marie Jeynes

Bachelor of Arts in Public Services
Lauren Bailey, Sarah Goddard, Matthew Whitehead

Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Public Services
James Bamforth, Naroop Dhesi, Nicola Gilbert, Emily James, Calvin Jones, Rosemary Prosser, Carl Simmons, Amy Tether, Ross Walker, Christian Wells, Richard Williams

Graduate Certificate in Leadership and Management
Marc Ashton, Kathryn Banister-Harding, Mark Banks, Nina Bridges, David Buckley, Susan Cawley, Samuel Crabtree, Melanie Daniel, John Devereaux, Derek Edwards, Alexandra Fitzpatrick, Kim Gristy, Guy Harvey, Jamie Hill, Daley Jones, Sarah Laws, Vanessa Lee, Michael Mable, Deborah Mason, James O’Grady, Ritchie Perry, Jane Reeves, Sallie Ryan, Theresa Shaw, Catherine Stokes, Jane Suffield, Dave Tristram, Stephen Veitch, Mark Wild, Edita Zarnovskyte

Diploma in Health and Social Services Management (Post Experience)
Neil Atkinson, Michelle Brotherton, Sue Coffee, Susan Crabb, Craig Green, Stephen Jenkins, Jaswinder Kaur, Charlotte Maybury, Paul McTague, Sandra Thomas, Donna Walters

Postgraduate Certificate in Management Studies
Richard Bennett

Postgraduate Diploma in Management Studies
Joanne Bain, David Barnett, Michael Cadman, Wendy Edkins, Rachel Garwood-Gowers, Alan Moorhouse, Paul Morton, Babangida Sarkin Shanu, Marion Tweed-Ryecroft, Robert Weaver, Sharon Williams

Master of Arts in Human Resource Management
Stacey Ings, Sarah Martin, Hilary Woodward, Sally Yates

Master of Arts in Management Studies
Carol Andrew, Jonathan Brotherton, Sia Bush, William Kaniampuram, Joseph Linton Seabrook

Master in Business Administration
Kikelomo Adesida, Raymond Hayes, Dean Howard, Futian Liu, Philip Smedley, Yanlun Wu Song, Chen Hongya Dong, Xiaoshan Feng, Jianqiang Guo, Dazhou He, Qiang Huang, Zhiwen Huang, Yiwei Lao, Guang Li, Qiuguo Li, Tingyang Li, Xu Liang, Qijia Ma, Ming Pan, Chunying Peng, Haozhan Qin, Xiuhong Tan, Jin Wei, Jian Xie, Sixian Xie, Tongfan Xiong, Rujun Yang, Zhoufei Yang

Master of Science in Computing
Tamunopiriala Worika

Master of Science in International Management
Santino Fardol, Watod Dicken, David Farrell, Beyhan Keene, Hui Liang, Agnieszka Szwoch, Can Zhao

Master of Science in International Marketing Management
Nelli Eranen

Master of Science in Management & Finance
Abdulgafaar Balogun, David Chipp, Rafsal Kallingal, Jyoti Sharma

Master of Science in Management & Human Resources
Hannah Lackenby

Doctor of Philosophy
Xiao Sun

Foundation Degree Arts in Theatre & The Community
Paul Arkless, Matt Hardy, Sophia Harley, Gemma Loveridge, Kieran Quinn, Julie Raybould, Luke Sanders, Victoria Sketchley, Gary Sorroll, Amelia Stevens

Higher National Diploma in Film Making
Tony Boffey, Matthew Forester, Jonathan Goddard, Alexander Harman, Lauren Hickey, Siobhan Hickey, Adam Smith, Daniel Wiggins, Bevin Wright

Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Art & Design
Helen Basford, Alice Fisher, Pamela Griffin, Stacey Haden, Lauren Hammond-Green, Suzanne Kaye, Sophie Munslow, Chloe Murdoch, Carl Murphy, Elizabeth Parker, Aiden Parsonage, Hannah Pingriff, Kayte Rickards, Laura Rooney, Alexander Shore, Elizabeth Smith, Victoria Smith, Richard Sullivan, Emma Taylo, Richard Taylor, Kaylee Wright, Rebecca Woodcock

Joint Honours in Art Design
Naomi Bilder, Elizabeth Pearman, Nisha Rall, Sadie Tandy-Gray

Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Creative Digital Media
Peter Andrews, Katy Barnfield, Charlotte Bilbrough-Brown, Lisa Burford, Victoria Burrows, Victoria Cooper, Ryan Dean-Corke, Lisa Forbes, Craig Harris, Craig Jones, Edmund Littler, Stephen O’Rourke, Katie Palmer, Ceri-Ann Quirke, Kimberley Suleyman

Bachelor of Arts with Honours Majoring in Creative Digital Media
Rebecca Fleetwood, Joanne Forbes, Louis Howe, Mehdi Khani, Fiona Winkworth

Joint Honours in Design Communication
Amy Jones, Melissa Taylor, Paul Thompson

Bachelor of Arts with Honours Majoring in Interactive Digital Media
Sam Geer, Robert Ryder, Adam Wakefield

Joint Honours in Interactive Digital Media
Daniel James

Bachelor of Arts in Performance (Costume & Make-Up)
Chloe Taylor, Neil Ward

Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Performance (Costume & Make-Up)
Carolyn Alleyne, Emma Clayton, Danielle Duffy, Kirsty Eke, Charlotte Evans, Deborah Holmes, Talia Jacobs, Lynne Monsell, Victoria Muse, Shiriah Sutcliffe

Bachelor of Arts in Drama & Performance Studies
Carly Hanks, Jason Mills, Danielle Nash, Dawn Taylor

Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Drama & Performance Studies
Charlotte Boyle, Alex Brockie, Ashleigh Butler, Kurt Cook, Emma Daniels, Cassandra Dunlop, Heidi Fletcher, Carol Frost, Louise Gardner, Alexandra Holman, Andrew Holmes, Liz Hosler, Emily Jeavons, Rebecca Kent, John Little, Chontelle Lostitch, Faye MacHin, Fiona MacKenzie, Joanna Matthews, Paul Muston, Joanne Newton, Gemma Oxley, Eleanor Peasland, Michelle Pogmore, Louisa Potts, Joel Rees, Danita Teemul, Josh Uren, Amy Village-Free, Stephanie Williams, Naomi Yendell

Bachelor of Arts with Honours Majoring in Drama & Performance Studies
Jessica Derrett, Val Harrison, Alexis Hazlewood, Chloe Pugh

Joint Honours in Drama & Performance Studies
Anita Price, Amy Redman, Joanne Mitchell-Charman

Certificate of Higher Education in English and Literary Studies
Tessa Penn

Bachelor of Arts Majoring in English & Literary Studies
Nicola Crickmore

Bachelor of Arts with Honours in English & Literary Studies
Sara Blount, Matthew Duwell, Emma Gwilliam, Carolyn Hart, Doreen Hunter, Laura Jones, Miranda Jones, Amanda McKay, Sarah Middleton, Janet Nicholls, Anna Pleasance, Ann Slade, Lucie Walker, Linda Waterhouse, Rebecca Western

Bachelor of Arts with Honours Majoring in English & Literary Studies
Lucy Bridgewater, Iain Duff, Hayley Martin, Samantha Randell, Kerry Stinton, Hannah Wooderson

Joint Honours in English & Literary Studies
Donna Ashfield, Kathryn Dargue, Sophie Gould, Amanda Griffin, Julia Hartley, Jennifer Powner, Christopher Rogers, Christine Shaw, Nicola Warren

Bachelor of Arts Majoring in History
Vicky Curtis

Bachelor of Arts with Honours in History
Rebecca Green, Jordan Hackett, David Hardeman, Michael Poole, Helen Tilley

Bachelor of Arts with Honours Majoring in History
Kirsty Hunt, Morgan Kimm, Catherine Moreland

Joint Honours in History
Kayleigh Harris, David Helm, Thomas Sheppard, Emily Vickery

Bachelor of Arts with Honours Majoring in Media & Cultural Studies
Paul Azzopardi, Joseph Bayley, Jordan Blackburn, Sarah Bullock, Caroline Embrey, Polly Harrison, Richard Holliday, Anneka Lewis, Sadie Lowe, Rebecca McElroy, Leah Phillips, Richard Scott, Laura Whiteman, Hollie Winning

Joint Honours in Media & Cultural Studies
Stephen Dickie

Bachelor of Arts in Sociology
Pauline Hodkin

Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Sociology
Sadaf Akhtar, David Bedford, Lorraine Charnock, Katie Davison, Charlotte Ellis, Briley Evans, Rachel Gower, Lisa Hancox, Dawn Killeen, Sarah Pemberton, Jane Pierpoint, Clare Reynaert, Charmian Richardson, Jonathan Rossi, Samantha Teague, Jodie Tremelling, Sarah Watkins

Bachelor of Arts with Honours Majoring in Sociology
Hayley Derham, Wilma Milton, Colin Stanton

Bachelor of Arts Majoring in Women’s Studies
Polly Rimoncelli

Postgraduate Certificate in The Dynamics of Domestic Violence
Jonathan Picken

Postgraduate Certificate in English Literature
Cynthia Hale

Postgraduate Certificate in History
Laura Griffin

Postgraduate Diploma in History
Anne Clement, Anne Spurgeon

Master of Arts in English Literature
Ruth Al-Nakeeb, Jane Wellicome

Master of Arts in History
Stanley Fray, Evelyn Irvine, Martin Parry

Master of Arts in Nineteenth Century Studies
Angela Gay, Kathryn Phillips, Jannine Wheatley, Carol Wood

Master of Arts in Sociology
Gauthami Jayathlaka, Frances Taylor

Master of Philosophy
Denise Mylechreest