THE traditional Boxing Day hunt will once again meet in Droitwich this year.

Huntsmen and women, horses and hounds will gather outside the town’s Raven Hotel, near Victoria Square, on Friday.

The announcement that the town will once again feature the annual Worcestershire Hunt event has coincided with the Countryside Alliance praising the historic event. Hunts are as “happy, prosperous and hopeful” as they have been for a decade, according to the group.

This is underlined as 314 registered hunts prepare to meet on Boxing Day across the country.

The group also claims that support for hunting, and for the repeal of the ban, has grown since the Hunting Act came into force in 2005. More than a quarter of a million people are expected to attend local hunt meets across the country on Boxing Day to demonstrate their support.

Many will also be joining The Countryside Alliance’s campaign for the repeal of the Hunting Act.

Clare Rowson, Midlands regional director for the Countryside Alliance, said: “Boxing Day meets are always an important part of Christmas whether you are from a town, village or a rural community.

“This year the support for freedom, tolerance and repeal will ensure that this Boxing Day is bigger and better than ever With growing support from MPs and candidates of all political parties the hunting ban is on borrowed time.

“The political tide is changing and the repeal of the Hunting Act is becoming increasingly likely. The repeal website – – will register the support and comments of the people who oppose this unjust law.”

The Boxing Day hunt in Droitwich has previously attracted protests from animal rights protestors and anti-hunt demonstrators.