AN enthusiast has lovingly restored his Wurlitzer organ after sourcing parts from America.

Dorian Collins has spent the past 20 years building the theatre organ in the garage of his Worcester home.

In January last year, he took the whole thing apart and inserted three extra units of pipes sourced from the USA.

He is now planning a grand reopening of the enlarged organ with Phil Kelsall, the principal organist of the Tower Ballroom, Blackpool, playing to an audience on Sunday, March 8.

“He came here in January last year and I know he is looking forward to playing it again,” Mr Collins said.

“The reason for the long delay in completing the work has been the need to dismantle and remove the entire instrument to allow a Wurlitzer 3 rank chest to be installed at the back of the pipe chamber.

“I have had to do some work in between to pay for all of this too.”

Mr Collins started building the grand 1930s instrument in his home in Henwick Road, St John’s, after deciding to satisfy a childhood dream to own a Wurlitzer.

He now gives regular concerts and guest organists travel from all over the country to see and hear the rare instrument.

The organ, which was shipped from New York to South Africa before being bought by Mr Collins, contains 1,339 pipes ranging from about 120mm in length to nearly four metres.

To hear the Wurlitzer, call Mr Collins on 07740 285535.