ELGAR Technology College would take on the same name as a school in Solihull, Birmingham, if plans to transform it go ahead.

A consultation document out today reveals that the school would be renamed Tudor Grange Academy Worcester – Tudor Grange is the name of its sponsor – if plans to turn it into a flagship academy are fulfilled.

Pupils will be given a free new uniform, which would be designed by the students in time for the academy’s opening in September.

Elgar has been on special measures since being failed by Government inspectors in 2007.

Plans are now in place to replace it with one of the Government’s flagship academies. Academies are schools which have opted out of local authority control, deciding their own curriculum and drawing funding from central government.

The new school would be on the same site and would include the same pupils although its size would be increased from about 700 11 to 16 year olds to 900, with a further 200 sixth-formers. The academy will specialise in science and enterprise and youngsters will be taught in small tutor groups of 15 pupils.

The deputy headteacher of the Tudor Grange, Claire Maclean, has already been appointed head of the Worcester academy.

The new academy will be divided into five colleges, each responsibile for one fifth of the curriculum and personal development of a fifth of the pupils.

In the document, Dr Peter Rock, chairman of governors at Tudor Grange School said their aim was to make the school in Bilford Road, Worcester, “outstanding”.

It says: “We propose the academy has a smart and affordable new uniform – and we want Elgar students to have their say about the design so that all students would come to school proud to wear it and keen to learn. No parent whose child joins the academy in September would be expected to pay for the new uniform.”

No decision has yet been made on the colour of the new uniform or whether it will mirror the bottle green and grey of Tudor Grange.

The report adds: “The academy’s admission arrangements would mirror those at Elgar TC, and all of its students and stafff wishing to transfer would join the academy in September.”

A four-week consultation was launched today to allow students, parents and the local community to have their say on the academy plan.

Last month, Worcestershire County Council published its notice to close Elgar in August and invited any objections to be submitted by Friday, May 1.

Mrs Maclean urged people to take part.

“Students in particular will play a vital role in shaping this academy; we will be giving them much more responsibility but at the same time expecting much more from them,” she said.

“Our website describes some of the radical changes we will be introducing in order to transform their learning and to widen their horizons.

“We will be able to draw on a wealth of talent and experience from our sponsor – Tudor Grange School in Solihull – with its outstanding track record of achievement. I hope to meet as many people as possible through the various consultation meetings.”

As well as sending out the 12-page consultation document, an advertisement will be published in your Worcester News tomorrow and the academy has set up a Have Your Say consultation website, tgaw.org.uk. There will also be a series of consultation meetings, including the annual meeting of Warndon Parish Council this evening .

The consultation will close on Friday, May 15, and the responses will be summarised in a report to the Secretary of State for Children, Schools and Families, who will make the final decision.

The consultation process is being managed by Tribal Children’s Services on behalf of the Department for Children, Schools and Families.